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I borrowed this title from a new “fan” friend. I apologize for not remembering who it was or what exactly she said on Sunday night, but the gest is here. (If you are that person, please comment so I can give you credit!)

Sunday night, where do I begin?

After working hard all weekend to garner the 25 fans necessary to get my unique username for my fan page on Facebook , they changed the rules. They upped the limit to 100. I was close, with 15 fans by Sunday afternoon, but I knew getting 100 fans would be an impossibility. But as my mother said, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE if you just believe (or was that a movie line???).

At any rate, about 8pm Sunday evening I read a post by Mari Smith (the Facebook all knowing expert) about a social chat going on at the moment to help small businesses get their fan counts. It was set up by Hazel of SocialBees and the place was buzzing (literally) with traffic. The concept? Post your Facebook fan page link and other small businesses would “fan” you. I liked to call it, “Paying It Forward on Facebook”. Mari was there pumping up the troops, as was Hazel and it was an amazing night of fun. I started with 15 fans and by the end of the long evening, I had 98. At 4:00am I called it a night, with only 2 fans to go to reach that unattainable 100 count.

I learned something that night. People are basically generous. They want to help and share and connect with other business owners. I also got to know many small business owners and got introduced to their businesses by “fanning” them as well. It was a marvelous night of co-sharing and learning, as well as seeing the basic generosity of others.

The next morning, I woke up (late I might add) to 8 more fans, pushing me over the top and enabling me to secure my username: ParentCollegeCoach. But as far as I’m concerned, I gained so much more by connecting with other small business owners like myself, paying it forward on Facebook!

Here is Mari’s Facebook page link (http://www.facebook.com/marismith)

Here is Hazel’s SocialBees Facebook page link (http://www.facebook.com/socialbees)

Here is my Facebook Fan page (Parents Countdown to College Coach) link (http://www.facebook.com/parentcollegecoach)


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I just read an article on Marketing Vox about the “Power Moms” online. According to the article:

Power Moms – women between the ages of 25 and 54 with at least one child and who participate regularly in online activities – represent 19.2% of the active internet population in the US, wielding a record level of online influence that continues to grow, according to (pdf) a report from Nielsen Online.

The article goes on to elaborate and talks about the TOP 50 Power Moms:

The list segments Power Mom bloggers into the following categories, based upon their blog content and content initiatives:

  • Queen Bees: Mom bloggers who anchor their writing around parenting, nesting, décor, and food.
  • Savvy Spenders: Mom bloggers who share money saving tips, coupons, freebies and other deals.
  • Mom Approved: Mom bloggers who trial, sample and review product (often brand-sponsored).
  • Mamastes: Mom bloggers who stretch beyond their spheres to explore going green, travel and spirituality.
  • Tech Moms: Mom bloggers who are also PDA-toting, digital enthusiasts that love to stay connected.
  • CEO Moms: Mom bloggers who juggle work and mommyhood.

It’s been my experience over the last few months that the world wide web is jampacked with some amazing Moms. These women are charting their own course in today’s new marketplace online and are establishing a presence that busts up the “old men network” of the past. My congratulations to all “Power Moms” out there who are blazing the trails for the daughters of the next generation!

What about you? Have you noticed the influence of women online? Have you seen the overwhelming presence of Moms on Twitter and Facebook?

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Today I’d like to toot someone’s horn. This woman is amazing. Why do I say that? Because she gets “it”. She gets what Twitter is all about. She gets the value of Facebook. And most importantly, she understands the overall big picture of social marketing. Her name is Donna Kozik.

Donna runs a business called My Big Business Card. She helps small businesses use a book to establish credibility. She provides this by promoting her “Write a Book in a Weekend” event in which she coaches via phone and the internet and provides the tools to actually write that book that will be your “business card”.

The most important lesson I have learned from Donna is this: make connections, provide information and establish relationships with potential customers. She has given away her expertise free of charge via Twitter, emails, teleconference calls, webinars and even Facebook posts. I’ve learned so much from her and I haven’t plopped down one cent. It’s not that I don’t want to, but right now I have other priorities (a daughter getting married). But as soon as I can manage it (and the more she gives, the more I want to make it happen), I’ll be signing up for her weekend event and utilizing her expertise to write my book.

Here’s the bottom line. Donna gives freely and shares what she has learned knowing full well that she might not get anything back in return. And by doing that, she underscores the beauty of the new business model: share what you know and people will want to do business with you.

If you build it, they will come (Field of Dreams)

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One of my Facebook and Twitter friends (@mickswampole) posted a link to a great blog about social networking. It was written by a pastor, applying Biblical admonitions. And while many of you might not adhere to Biblical principles, he made some very valid points that should apply to ALL of us as we communicate:

THINK before Communicating
Is it True?
Is it Helpful
Is it Inspiring
Is it Necessary
Is it Kind

This goes along with the business principles of social networking: contribute valuable content and engage your readers and followers. If you ask yourself these 5 questions as you communicate, it might change your content and increase your followers. And increased followers can mean profitable business connections.

If you are so inclined, here is the original blog link.

What do you think? Are these valid questions to ask yourself? Are there some others that you might add to the list?

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