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I just read an article on Marketing Vox about the “Power Moms” online. According to the article:

Power Moms – women between the ages of 25 and 54 with at least one child and who participate regularly in online activities – represent 19.2% of the active internet population in the US, wielding a record level of online influence that continues to grow, according to (pdf) a report from Nielsen Online.

The article goes on to elaborate and talks about the TOP 50 Power Moms:

The list segments Power Mom bloggers into the following categories, based upon their blog content and content initiatives:

  • Queen Bees: Mom bloggers who anchor their writing around parenting, nesting, décor, and food.
  • Savvy Spenders: Mom bloggers who share money saving tips, coupons, freebies and other deals.
  • Mom Approved: Mom bloggers who trial, sample and review product (often brand-sponsored).
  • Mamastes: Mom bloggers who stretch beyond their spheres to explore going green, travel and spirituality.
  • Tech Moms: Mom bloggers who are also PDA-toting, digital enthusiasts that love to stay connected.
  • CEO Moms: Mom bloggers who juggle work and mommyhood.

It’s been my experience over the last few months that the world wide web is jampacked with some amazing Moms. These women are charting their own course in today’s new marketplace online and are establishing a presence that busts up the “old men network” of the past. My congratulations to all “Power Moms” out there who are blazing the trails for the daughters of the next generation!

What about you? Have you noticed the influence of women online? Have you seen the overwhelming presence of Moms on Twitter and Facebook?


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Having a home-based business certainly presents it’s challenges. The self-discipline required to go to your desk and work is daunting at times. There are always distractions to take you away from the daily tasks. Since you work at home, it’s easy to glance at that load of laundry that needs to be done or the pile of dishes you saved because you were too tired to tackle them the night before.

I have to also admit that even at my desk there are numerous distractions that await my attention. Lately, it’s been Twitter and TweetDeck. I’ve developed a fascination for this social arena, and if I’m not careful I could spend all day reading tweets and clicking on links, following those links to other links. Before I know it the entire morning has flown by and I’ve accomplished very little actual “work”.

As previously mentioned, I’m reading a book on Social Media Marketing in One Hour a Day and I admit that it’s helping me to focus my time and effort in this new arena, while leaving me time in the day for my other important work-related tasks. Not that marketing isn’t important. But all things, especially in the home-based business world, require balance. ProBlogger.com addressed this time dilemma in a post last year.

Before Twitter came along, I found myself distracted with internet links from Google alerts and those pesky business emails that always led me on a wild goose chase to enhance the operation of  my business: free business cards, email marketing, merchant accounts and the like. Distractions will rule as long as you don’t stay focused on your passion–building your business and establishing your brand.

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