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Today I’m killing two birds with one post. Shamelessly promoting my Twitter t-shirt design and talking about last night’s Twitter media blitz.

twitter-mousepadFirst things first. My Twitter design. It’s all in fun and it says it all, “Tweeting with my Peeps”. Simple but to the point. Designing logos for tshirts is something I enjoy doing because it taps into my creativity and allows me to share it with others.

Secondly, if you’ve been on Twitter at all, watched the news, or been online you know all about the contest this week involving Ashton Kutcher and CNN. I have to admit I got caught up in the hoopla. On the surface, it was a silly contest. But if you look below the surface it might have signaled the future of large scale communication. It put the regular Joe on the level of celebrity, being able to contribute to something that sent a message to mainstream media. With all of CNN’s resources and 24/7 coverage, they couldn’t get enough followers to beat Ashton and his Twitter based fan base: an interesting phenomena of social media.

What about you? Did you follow the race for the 1,000,000 followers? Do you think there is any social media significance to its outcome?


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My Twitter Woes

Ok. I admit. I’m overwhelmed. Twitter has succeeded in making my head explode. I’ve read the books, attended the webinars, and still I’m overwhelmed. Why you may ask? Because it moves at warp speed. I’m not a warp speed kind of gal. I like to pace myself and enjoy the scenery. That is an impossible task on Twitter. The other thing that overwhelms me is the number of people who are “selling” any number of products via DMs (direct messages). I guess they haven’t heard the Barefoot Executive talk about how Twitter is all about “making connections” and not forcing the sale.

What’s a baby boomer to do? I’ve jumped in with both hands (via the keyboard) and tried to join the conversations and have made a few connections. However, the sea is so large and the tweets are growing by the milisecond which is another overwhelming aspect of this virtual social meeting place. I see the potential and I recognize the platform, but I can’t seem to keep up with the players. It’s just TMI (too much information). #Hashtags, DMs, RTs, @s and a myriad of other terminology makes my head spin.

icon-twitterI wonder if a Twitter bird can hide its head in the sand?

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